‘First Take’: Stephen A. Smith & Jay Williams Get Spicy Over The Kyrie Irving Trade

'First Take': Stephen A. Smith & Jay Williams Get Into It Over The Kyrie Irving Trade

Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams’ debate over the Kyrie Irving trade to the Dallas Mavericks got very heated and personal on “First Take” on Monday morning (February 6).

News broke on Friday (February 3) that Kyrie was being traded from the Brooklyn Nets to the Dallas Mavericks, and over the weekend, the trade was made official.

On “First Take“, while debating the trade, Jay Williams accused Stephen A. of getting too personal when discussing Kyrie Irving, and Stephen took offense to it and called Jay out for not expressing how he truly feels.

Jay, you know what?…

What I would ask you is do me a favor, stop telling us what you find interesting and tell us what you feel.

You say, ‘I find it interesting’ you always say that!…

Say what you saying!… What are you saying?…

What are you saying?…

As the debate continued, the moderator Molly Qerim attempted to provide Stephen A. with some clarity on why Jay was coming at him.

He thinks you’re too preoccupied with Kyrie… too hard on Kyrie.

Stephen A. immediately responded, with his voice elevated, that he hasn’t mentioned Kyrie over the last few weeks.

Jay told Stephen A. that he seemed triggered right now by the Kyrie discussion, which he denied.

From there the conversation got childish as Stephen A. repeatedly denied being triggered.

Molly jumped in the conversation again and question both guys if they were staying on topic or if it was getting personal.

Jay said “it seems personal,” and Stephen A. took offense.

You of all people with all the interest you have got the nerve to sit here on national television and tell me I’m getting personal with a player?

I don’t lose no sleep!… I don’t lose any sleep over Kyrie Irving!…

I passionate about the subjects I’m passionate about.

I don’t accuse you of getting personal when you take the positions you take…

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