TV Reporter Hit By Car Live On-Air & Still Finishes Broadcast

Tori Yorgey - TV Reporter Hit By Car Live On-Air & Still Finishes Broadcast

A West Virginia TV reporter proved her dedication to getting the job done after she was hit by a car live on-air and still finished her broadcast. 

The incident happened on Wednesday as Tori Yorgey, a TV reporter for NBC affiliate WSAZ of Huntington, West Virginia, was reporting at the scene of a water main break.

In the clip, Tori is facing the camera when a car comes up from behind and hits in the back – knocking her to the ground. 

Completely in shock, Tori said:

Oh my God. I just got hit by a car. But, I’m okay, Tim.

As she gathered herself, Tori Yorgey said: 

You know that’s live TV for ya!

It’s all good! I actually got hit by a car in college too just like that. I am so glad I’m okay!

We are okay. We’re all good. 

Tori fixes the camera and lights and gracefully rebounds to finish her report on the water main break. 

Watch the video below. 

I’m so glad Tori is okay. 

She’s a true O.G. because I’d still be screaming, “My neck…my back. My neck and my back!” (In my Ezal voice)

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