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Lyft driver Reginald Folks (courtesy of the family), former Atlanta police officer Koby Minor (Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

In a shocking turn of events, Koby Minor, a former Atlanta police officer, has claimed that he believed Lyft driver Reginald Folks was part of a “gay fraternity” and was attempting to kidnap and recruit him.

This startling revelation comes in the aftermath of Minor fatally shooting Folks during a rideshare trip.

The Incident Unfolds

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by WSB-TV, the incident began when Folks started speaking to someone on the phone in a different language.

Minor told investigators that during this time, he heard a voice, though he did not disclose what the voice said. 

Feeling threatened, Koby Minor asked Reginald Folks to stop the car so he could exit, but Folks did not comply.

As they approached a red light, Minor attempted to open the car door, but it was locked.

Minor alleged that when Folks reached toward the back seat, he opened fire, striking Folks multiple times, including in the head.

Minor then broke the window and exited the vehicle.

Koby Minor’s Claims & Background

Minor claimed he did not have confirmation of Folks’ sexual orientation but believed, based on a witness statement, that Folks was part of a “gay fraternity” attempting to recruit and kidnap him.

This belief, according to Minor, was the driving force behind his actions.

Koby Minor’s background with the Atlanta Police Department (APD) has also come under scrutiny.

He was hired by APD in July 2018 and was on unpaid administrative leave at the time of the incident.

This leave was due to a previous arrest in December 2023 in Milton, where he was found in possession of 20 Xanax pills, believed to be under the influence following a single-vehicle accident.

Following his initial arrest, Minor was relieved of his department-issued firearm, which has remained in APD’s custody since then.

Reginald Folks’ Life & Legacy

Reginald Folks, the victim, had moved to Atlanta to pursue his education at Clark Atlanta University, an HBCU.

He was driving for Lyft to earn extra money while also starting a career as a competitive professional wrestler.

Folks was well-loved by his family and community.

Reggie was a friendly guy, very social. He was pretty much the life of the party,” said his mother, Marchelle Folks. “I’m very proud of the man he became. Everywhere I went, people met him and enjoyed him. He always ran into people that he knew.”

Folks was 35 years old and had recently spoken to his family on Mother’s Day.

His family is devastated by the loss, describing him as the oldest sibling and a beloved family member who touched many lives.

Koby Minor is now facing serious legal consequences for his actions.

He has been charged with murder and aggravated assault, and the case has sparked significant public interest and concern.

The tragic death of Reginald Folks highlights issues of mental health, gun violence, and the responsibilities of law enforcement officers.

I will keep you updated on this case.

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