Kiely Williams

Kiely Williams has removed all of the photos of her children from social media as a protective measure following her public criticism of Chris Brown.

The former 3LW singer took to Twitter to share her outrage over Breezy forthcoming collaboration with Chlöe Bailey and it quickly turned into a dumpster fire.

Kiely said her mother made her remove all of the photos of her children from social media after people began leaving hateful comments about them.

She tweeted, “Grandma is BIG MAD. She made me delete all photos of our kids, because ya’ll are garbage people in the comments of babies.”

“So if you’re wondering where they went and why you’ll never see them again, just know it’s your fault and also I’m terrified of my mother 😩😩😩,” she added.

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Kiely went on to tell a commenter that she didn’t even think about people attacking her children on Instagram because she’s busy enjoying Twitter.

“I truly didn’t even think to look. I can only do one app at a time, I’m currently in my Twitter era, but Michele did…and I just got my whole ass handed to me. She showed me some of the comments and they’re pretty vile. She’s right. Not happy about it tho…boogers.”

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Someone asked Kiely if her mother was “big mad” when she found out about the B2K train and she responded:

“Not even a little bit. She’s proud that I safely explored my sexuality, never had an unplanned pregnancy and am disease free. Gave her two grand babies by the same man, after I was married. Was never addicted to drugs and still got my money. Good daughter. ❤️”

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Free speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

While people may not have agreed with what Kiely Williams had to say about Chris Brown – children should always be off limits.

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