Kelly Price Talks Being Discovered By Mariah Carey At 18-Years-Old

Kelly Price shared on a recent episode of Good Morning America that she was discovered by Mariah Carey and her camp at the 1992 Grammys at 18-years-old.

Kelly was on the show to promote her second gospel album, Grace, and one of the hosts set the stage and asked Kelly to share the Mariah story.

Absolutely!… In a rehearsal hall, I was a member of a group contracted to sing for Mariah.

18-years-old, very early in a pregnancy only me, God, my sister, and my son’s father knew about… and the doctor!

And, umm… I couldn’t stand the smell of food, so when everyone went on a meal break I stayed behind at the rehearsal hall, sat at the piano, started to sing, and she walked in the door.

Umm!… That resulted in a conversation with Trey Lorenz, who was traveling with her at the time.

That then resulted in a conversation with her, that then resulted in a conversation with Tommy Mottola… Umm!… And, her then-manager Randy Hoffman, and just life changed forever after that!

See the GMA video below:

Did you know Kelly Price was discovered by Mariah Carey?

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