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Mariah Carey’s estranged sister Alison Carey has had enough of the shenanigans written in the singer’s 2020 book, “The Meaning of Mariah.”

In the book, Mariah alleges Alison “drugged her with Valium, offered her a pinky nail full of cocaine, inflicted her with third-degree burns, and tried to sell her out to a pimp” when she was 12.


Watch the video below where Mariah addresses the allegations during a sit down with Oprah Winfrey:


Alison is suing for infliction of emotional distress, and she claims Mariah has no evidence to support the allegations in her book.

Alison has had a lot of struggles in her life and she believes Mariah is taking advantage of those struggles to promote her book.

Alison claims their mother subjected her to satanic rituals and sexual activity at a young age, and Alison also says she suffered a brain injury in 2015 from a home invasion.

She sued her mother last year for sexual abuse.

Alison believes Mariah “used her status as a public figure to attack her penniless sister” to promote her book.

There are clearly many unresolved issues in this family.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out.

Source: TMZ

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