Hubert Davis wasted no time letting the world know that his queen is White at his first news conference as the University of North Carolina’s first African American head coach.

Davis was recently named UNC’s head basketball coach after the legendary Roy Williams announced his retirement.

When Davis was asked about the significance of being the first Black head coach in UNC history, a part of his response was slightly off-topic.

I know that it is significant that I’m the fourth African American head coach in any sport in the history of the University of North Carolina.

I’m very proud to be African-American. But I’m also very proud that my wife is white, and I’m also very proud that my three very beautiful, unbelievable kids are a combination of us.

Watch the video below:

I have no problem with a man acknowledging the love he has for his wife and kids, but given the context of the question, the response was a bit weird.

Twitter agrees:

Whatever logic or thought-process Hubert Davis was using he ensured that he was coming home to a happy house.

Despite his weird response at the press conference Hubert Davis was the perfect hire for the position.

He was Roy Williams’ assistant coach for years, and he won three NCAA Championships at UNC under coach Dean Smith.

He also played in the NBA.

In a statement prior to his first news conference Hubert Davis expressed his love for UNC, and guess who he made sure he talked about…

I love this university. I played here, I earned my degree here, I fell in love with my wife here, I got married here, I moved here after I retired from the NBA and I have raised my family here.

I am proud to lead this team, and I can’t wait for all that comes next.

I am a huge North Carolina basketball fan and I wish Hubert Davis much success in the future.

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Source: The Grio

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