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Kash Doll Says Her New Hairstyle Cured Her Sickness

Kash Doll Said Her New Hairstyle Cured Her Sickness

We all feel good when we get our hair done, but Detroit female rapper and former “BMF” star Kash Doll recently posted on her Instagram that she felt so good after getting her hair done that she thinks it cured her sickness.

In the IG video, Kash Doll said:

I’m outside, and I’m feeling fine as f**k!

Look, first off, my hair just made my sickness go away.

A b***h is better now.

What!… I’m not even sick anymore.

Okay, hello, hi everybody!  I’m back b****es, ha ha!

Kashdoll’s hair does look amazing in the video, and her commenters showed her a lot of love.

Watch Kashdoll’s original IG post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Kash Doll comment 1.
Kash Doll comment 2.
Kash Doll comment 3.
KD comment 4.
KD comment 5.

From the looks of it, Kash Doll and her new hairstyle held it down at her show in Huntsville, Alabama.

Hey! They say when you look good – you feel good.

Kash Doll is proving the concept to be true.

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