‘Love & Marriage Detroit’: Brandon Bucks On Anthony For Trying To Take Over His Music Showcase

In Episode 8 of “Love & Marriage Detroit,” Brandon Smith bucked on Anthony Thompson for trying to take over his music showcase.

Earlier in the season, Brandon told Anthony and Bravo about doing a showcase to promote some of the artists on his label.

Bravo, who owns a club, agreed to help Brandon out and let him use his club as the venue for the showcase, and Anthony agreed to help with talent.

As time passed, Anthony and Bravo started making plans for the showcase without consulting Brandon.

During a getaway with their wives, Anthony told Brandon that he invited a popular producer named Lyriq to be a part of the showcase. Brandon immediately said no because Lyriq has had a history of stealing his artist.

Anthony didn’t believe Brandon was being truthful about Lyriq stealing his artist, and he persisted that Lyriq be a part of the showcase because his name would bring a lot of publicity and attention to it.

Brandon stood firm on saying Lyriq could not be a part of the showcase, and he called Anthony out for trying to take over his showcase and coming at him for no apparent reason.

Watch the clip below from “Love & Marriage Detroit” of Brandon checking Anthony for trying to take over his showcase:

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