Kandi Burruss Speaks On LaTocha Scott Allegedly Stealing Her Sister Tamika’s Royalties

Kandi Burruss recently explained on her YouTube show “Speak On It” what she knows about the theft accusations that Tamika Scott accused her sister LaTocha of on episode 2 of “Xscape & SWV: The Queens of R&B.”

Kandi Burruss was very detailed in her explanation, and she made it clear that she was using the word “allegedly” because she was not a part of the situation.

However, she heard it second-hand from Tiny Harris’ mother, Dianne Cottle-Pope.

I’m going to try to explain it to you, to the best of my knowledge.

So this incident took place before me and Tamika Scott made up.

So it was before our first reality show, um ‘Xscape: Still Kickin’ It’… This thievery that she’s talking about.

So, basically, what allegedly happened… um there is a union or a company called Sound Exchange that developed in the 2000s, um, that is for the benefit of helping artists get royalties for, like, airplay and stuff like that.

For a long time, you know, everybody hears, like, only the songwriters typically get paid when the songs are played on air. 

But, Sound Exchange, when they developed as a company or a union of sorts, basically, they allowed… they made agreements with different, you know, I don’t know, whoever, the powers that be, to make it so that they could collect some royalties for the artists who are like performance royalty.

And so with that being said, it started in the 2000s, after our group, um, broke up, but they were able to collect royalties on our behalf going forward.

Now we all did not find out about Sound Exchange probably until they was open for a few years or whatever.

And I remember Tiny’s mom was the one who let us know about it, and she signed us up, all right. I think her and Tina was another family friend of ours who helped us with our money and stuff.

They basically let us know about it, signed us up for it. They signed me up for it. I ain’t even know about it. I was like oh okay so it was a little check coming in the mail. We all got our checks individually. 

It did not come to a group it just came to the individual members, I don’t know how it works.

If you’re an artist and you got music out from back in the day, make sure you sign up with Sound Exchange they probably have money for you.

Yeah, it’s currently still happening. You guys should go on their website, soundexchange.com. 

So with that being said, because I think they had some royalties that had added up because we were late signing up, you know what I mean?…

So it was like, you know, a chunk of change, when we first signed up that each individual person was supposed to receive. 

With that being said, allegedly, Tamika says… 

And, I’m not saying ‘allegedly’ because I don’t believe her, I’m just saying allegedly because, you know, I guess you can’t really say that unless you were a part of the situation. At the time, I wasn’t around them. I was getting a second hand from Tiny mama.

So basically, during this time, it definitely was a time where Tamika needed her money… Xscape was not performing… Well, not with all four members or whatever.

We weren’t doing the big tours yet, at that time, that was before we got back together. She definitely needed her money like she said… She needed her money!… Got it, okay…

I was told that, allegedly, someone, I don’t want to say no names, had Tamika’s check going to their address.

And that, allegedly, they were signing Tamika’s name on the check and depositing the check.

And because this was not a thing that, like, I didn’t know about it either, the only reason why I knew about Sound Exchange is because Tiny’s mom had signed me up, and she had that stuff coming to my mom’s house.

So I wouldn’t even have known about the checks either so I can understand how Tamika didn’t know about it.

It was a new union situation, it was a new check that she wasn’t expecting, none of us was expecting, got it?… 

Okay, anyway, so, allegedly, when she got signed up somebody put they address on it, and was depositing… signing it, and depositing her checks in their account, allegedly, from what I was told.

She found out about it later because Tiny mom, which I believe, her mom, mama Dianne she did me the same way.

‘Baby you getting your check? You know you should’ve got a check by now because…’

So, um, apparently she did the same thing to Tamika. 

Tamika was like, ‘I didn’t get no check. What you talking about?’…

And that’s when she reached out to find out what was happening, and according to Tamika, basically, they let her know the checks had already been deposited, basically, the only way that she could find a way to get it back is if she would’ve pressed charges, and filed, you know, in order to get the money.

Of course, she didn’t want to do that to her sister, according to Tamika.

So, allegedly, that is what happened. So when people like, ‘Well how can somebody just take your check or how can this…’

Sometimes, you know, we as a group even like, this is later on in life, we have to send our ease in together for certain things, you know, for performances that we’re doing, and they need our… a copy of ID or whatever or, you know, they… yes, they knew her social security number, stuff like that, like, they’ve been privy to mine.

I got a block on my sh*t just letting you know!

Yeah, so we were kind of privy to each other’s information, and to be clear, if you watched season 1 of ‘Xscape: Still Kickin’ It’ you know it was an issue, like, I didn’t want to have a company with them because I don’t trust everybody with the money….

Just saying… Allegedly, these things happened, but I wouldn’t say that I was far from believing it. Not just because of what Tamika said, but also because Tiny’s mom backed it up with the situation.”

Watch the clip from Kandi Burruss’ show “Speak On It” below:

Kandi Burruss said she plans to have all the ladies from Xscape and SWV on “Speak On It” so they can give their reactions and perspectives on certain episodes of “The Queens of R&B.”

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