Cam’ron was feeling hella petty on Hump Day and took to social media to share his new reason for why he and JuJu split after a 10-year relationship.

You may recall, during his interview on “The Breakfast Club,” Cam said the relationship “just wasn’t fun anymore.”

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Well, today the story has changed. Now, Cam’ron claims he broke up with JuJu because she kept threatening to beat up one of his co-workers.

He went on to say how he got her on “Love & Hip Hop” and how he was very supportive when she got her breasts and butt done.

Petty, Petty, Petty.

Watch below.

JuJu responded by pulling out a throwback photo to prove she’s been had bawdy and added that she would never stoop down to go back and forth with someone she once loved.

Your thoughts?

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