Joseline Hernandez Says She’s 'Recently Clean'

Joseline Hernandez stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote “Joseline’s Cabaret” Season 4 and revealed that she is “recently clean.”

When DJ Envy asked the Puerto Rican Princess if she “turns up for the cameras” on reality TV, Joseline admitted that she does, but added that she is “high on life” and has a naturally fun personality.

Joseline also took the opportunity to address assumptions that she’s high on drugs when she’s “turning up for TV.”

Can I tell you something?… You can ask my family, you can ask my best friend Melissa, which is my manager, and my husband Ballistic.

I am a trip. I wake up in the morning tripping, I’m tripping. I’m high off life.

I’m recently clean.

And when I say clean, listen let me tell you something… I’m grown. I could do whatever I want. I got my stuff together. I ain’t never been in the streets.

Y’all ain’t never heard that owe nobody money. You ain’t never heard that that that I’m broke. You ain’t never heard that I ain’t getting no money. You ain’t never heard that I”m a junkie outside shooting up… No!

Did I like to party?… Absolutely!

Still love to, but I know that I have to focus and I have to be as clean as I can to be the best that I can be, right?

But you can ask these two… I don’t have to have nothing in my system. I wake up with the bullsh*t.

I’m just like a funny person.

…I do turn up for the cameras, but Envy I’m a funny a** b***h no matter what.

Like, I wake up funny. I just like to have fun.

Shortly after her response DJ Envy asked Joseline, “What does clean mean?”

She explained:

Well, you know, clean is not, you know, you know, not doing what I want to.

…No, no scare, no scare, no… I always been very cautious, and I do everything very limited.

You know, because I’m cute as f***. I want to stay that way, you know what I’m saying?…

So I’m like… You know, I be like, you know, when I hang out with my b****es, you know, I’m like… I’m more like a social party person, you know what I mean?… And I don’t hang out all the time.

But, to answer your question, I feel so much stronger and so much better. It’s like I feel like I don’t need the crutches anymore…

During Joseline Hernandez’s interview, she also talks about identifying as a Black woman, her recent arrest, selling her mugshot merch, and more.

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