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While many of us were eating low vibrational plates at Memorial Day barbecues, rapper Gunplay was airing out DJ Envy on social media by releasing a recorded conversation between them.

The Florida-based rapper and “Love & Hip Hop” alum was upset about being dragged into DJ Envy’s back and forth with Rick Ross in their car show kerfuffle. 

While taunting Rick Ross on-air during “The Breakfast Club,” DJ Envy mocked Rozay for not stepping up to help Gunplay, who launched a GoFundMe to support his baby girl who was born with a heart defect.

Charlamagne Tha God got Gunplay and DJ Envy on the phone to clear the air between them, and the rapper recorded and released a portion of the convo on social media. 

He captioned his post:

I knew @djenvy would renege on his word to apologize publicly and I knew I would have to do it for him. I waited and waited he had all the opportunities and didn’t do it so I did it for him.

Gunplay’s wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, also took to social media with a stern word for DJ Envy. 

She shared the audio from the phone call along with the caption: 

To make a joke about a child near fatal situation isn’t funny!!! For you to be a father of SIX you know damn well if anything happened to them you would give your life.

My family, my daughter and her GoFundMe had nothing to do with y’all little fake beef.

You let these blogs run with a narrative that is completely false and led to so much bs. 

Once @richforever found out what was going on immediately wired our DAUGHTERS account a heavy lump.

We were able to get her better insurance, get her equipment, pay off all her deductibles, make sure she can see all these specialists.

We’ve thanked him multiple times. Americas healthcare system is F**KED up. 

You was quick to apologize when her father told you he gonna “slap the s**t out of you” privately.

What happened to the public apology my fellow Hampton Alum?

You was so quick to akiki online. Stand up. Be a man.

If you think Gunplay a issue you haven’t seen this mother upset yet.

In another post, Vonshae shared a clip of Charlamagne addressing Envy mentioning their GoFundMe for their baby girl. 

She wrote: 

Can we PLEASEEEEE stop the cap! If your own coworker telling you that shit out of line it’s OUT OF LINE. My family situation which was very traumatic had NOTHING to do with a FAKE car show beef.

YOU KNEW THE INTENTION OF WHAT YOU WERE DOING. He came to you as a man to fix it. After numerous of blogs and fans starting taking that false narrative and creating their own.

How did a comment about a GoFundMe turn to people harassing me and my child. The amount of comments that had to be blocked on A CHILDS PAGE. Was because of you.

You wanted to try to embarrass Ross by using my family situation which was false.

You had a week to situate what you said you chose not to.

At the end of the day I will go to WAR ABOUT MY FAMILY @djenvy

See their original posts below.

DJ Envy took to the airwaves of “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday to address Gunplay releasing the audio of their convo and he defended the fact that he didn’t mention the rapper’s daughter or family while taunting Rick Ross. 

He apologized half-heartedly for his remarks but went on to note that it is illegal to record a conversation with someone without their knowledge. 

Envy also noted that several prosecutors have reached out to him to see if he’s interested and taking legal action against Gunplay.

Watch the clip below (also note the moment when Charlamagne told Envy he was “going too far” when he mentioned Gunplay).

Did DJ Envy violate with his comments about Gunplay’s GoFundMe?

Did Gunplay violate by secretly recording the convo and releasing it on social media? 

Should Envy press charges? 

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