Joseline Hernandez is now facing a $25 million lawsuit for allegedly assaulting four dancers who were cast members of her hit Zeus series, “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas.”

One plaintiff claims Joseline kicked her in the ribs, while another says the “Puerto Rican Princess” dragged her by her hair and kicked her in the back. 

You may recall, that we reported one cast member went to the emergency room after the incident.

A third plaintiff accused Joseline of grabbing her by the neck and shoving her to the ground. 

The last plaintiff says Joseline shoved her and threatened her.

In the lawsuit, Joseline, who serves as executive producer on the show, is also accused of bragging about the assaults on social media when she tweeted: 

I mortal kombat one hoe

Pimped slapped another 1

Pushed one into last nights episode

Kiked down a few on the ground. 

I slapped fire out of everyone on that stage. 

Me n my crew. 

Wait for it. #JoselinesCabaretLasVegas

When the shizznit hit the fan, Zeus, Joseline, and Ballistic released statements in an effort to calm the waters and quiet the noise.

But, I’m afraid it may be much too late for all of that. 

The dancers and cast members are represented by Joseph Adeife and Kathy Rabii of Adeife & Rabii and they are suing for assault and battery.

On Easter Sunday the super trailer for “Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas” was released and it’s even more of a trainwreck than I expected.

The reunion show was hosted by Brittany Renner and Janeisha John.

And in the super trailer, Zeus was very strategic in showing many of the women speaking aggressively as if they not only wanted the smoke but were seeking it.

Watch the trailer below.

An official airdate has yet to be announced.

Perhaps the trailer was intended to take attention away from the $25 million lawsuit.

Your thoughts?