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Meagan Good Trends As Twitter Reacts To Jonathan Majors Verdict 

Actor Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good leave the courthouse following closing arguments in Majors' domestic violence trial. (Photo by John Nacion/Getty Images)

Meagan Good is trending in the streets of Twitter after a Manhattan jury found her boyfriend Jonathan Majors guilty of assault and harassment on Monday. 

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The Harlem” Season 3 actress began dating the Creed III star two months after he was arrested in New York City for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari

The seemingly odd pairing left many people scratching their heads and speculating if it was a publicity stunt, while others cheered on the coupling. 

Like Coretta Scott King and/or Michelle Obama, Meagan has stood beside her man – showing up for court and walking hand-in-hand with the embattled actor – even after his conviction.

Now that Jonathan Majors has been convicted and is facing a possible year in jail many are wondering what’s next for Meagan Good.

Read a few tweets below. 

What are your thoughts on Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors’ relationship?

Do you believe it is authentic? Do you think it was a publicity stunt? Do you think it will last now that he has been convicted?

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