Katt Williams, Ice Cube, and Rickey Smiley

Ice Cube entered the chat to share a word in response to Katt Williams’ interview on “Club Shay Shay” and offered some clarity regarding Rickey Smiley and the role of “Money Mike” in Friday After Next

Rickey Smiley has said in more than one interview that he was supposed to play the role of Money Mike and Katt Williams was to play the role of Santa Claus in the 2002 comedy. 

During his “Club Shay Shay” interview, Katt called CAP and roasted Rickey for “lying.”

Why would he lie? I don’t know why liars lie.

But, I can tell you this we auditioned in Los Angeles.

I was audition no. 201.

200 Black comedians auditioned for the role of ‘Money Mike’ with me.

You’re saying all 201 of us was auditioning and you had already had the role and had shot the role in four days?

The truth of the matter is the ‘Money Mike’ in the original script had got raped in the bathroom and that’s what Rickey Smiley was okay with.

Watch the clip below.

In a video statement, posted via Twitter, Ice Cube confirmed Rickey did indeed audition for the role of “Money Mike,” but following his audition, Cube felt Rickey would be better suited to play Santa.

When we bring in a new comedian we do have them try out for different roles.

So, Rickey did give Money Mike a shot.

But, when we saw him, we kinda saw how he moved and how he was auditioning, we decided he’d be a better Santa Claus.

Which was, to me, the perfect casting.

When we saw Katt…when I saw him I just knew he was perfect for Money Mike.  

Cube did go on record saying that he would “never film a rape scene in a movie – especially like Friday.”

Watch Ice Cube’s full video statement below.

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It appears Rickey Smiley wasn’t truthful about having the role of “Money Mike.”

According to Cube, he auditioned for the role like everyone else.

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