Jidenna Says He Never Cheated Because He Can’t Deal With The Guilt

Jidenna recently appeared on “Sway’s Universe” and said he never cheated because he can’t deal with the guilt.

After blushing over how he met the woman that he is currently with, Jidenna talked about how he never cheated and how he needed to keep Google Docs in his past polyamorous relationships.

I ain’t never been a cheater, like, I don’t… That’s not to say I’m, like, perfect but…

I do not cheat because I cannot deal with the guilt.

Like, I have too much empathy to do that.

Once we establish a black-and-white agreement, I’m with it.

And I’m like that with everything, business, friendships…

Writing it down, I have Google… Yo! Previous relationships I have Google Docs, you know what I’m saying?…

I’m like that, yeah!…

Well, let me put this in context. In polyamory, you have to really know what y’all are agreeing to.

Like, monogamy is a little bit easier, in terms of your contract. There’s like a precedent set from, like, the last couple hundred years.

Polyamory is different, and you have to be very specific about, ah, how your moving, you know, because people think polyamory is just open relationships.

It’s not for me, I don’t like open relationships so the ‘Oh, damn what are y’all doing?’… If I just meet somebody tonight am I, do you want me to tell you that I met somebody or do you want to not know and… or know anything about the date and I tell you later. Like, is it before or after?

You know, is there, do I, uh, do we have… If I have sex with this woman, then can I have sex with you in the next two weeks or is it going to be a month after I get tested properly?

Like, there is a lot of things, like, it’s not… You know what I’m saying?…

The beauty of it is it is not marriage. So when you breach the contract, I mean, in polyamory that pretty much like you can… the house can fall on you, real quick!

Because you have multiple hearts involved now. It’s not just one. You’re dealing with two hearts, well in my case, two women’s hearts, my heart, and then three egos.

So, it, uh, yeah, the breach is not it, and unfortunately, like, if you don’t establish that black and white, I’m like, in the gray areas I’m not to be trusted, ever!

I tell my lady that now, like, please let’s be clear because if we create any grays I’m exploring them gray areas.

I’ma test them limits and see where we go.

So, the Google Doc. had a lot of these, uh, specifics. I know it sounds really stern and really serious, but a lot of people have, like, ‘Oh, I told you that I wanted it this way now I’m like, ‘Actually, you said…’

Jidenna said that, naturally, he is an ethical non-monogamist, but he believes in monogamy for people that love it and can adhere to it.

He made it clear that he is completely exclusive with the woman he is with right now.

Watch the clip of the Jidenna interview from “Sway’s Universe” below:

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