Jess Hilarious Responds To Natalie Nunn’s Version Of Their Altercation During 50 Cent’s Tycoon Houston Weekend 

Natalie Nunn recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and gave her account of her altercation with Jess Hilarious at 50 Cent’s Tycoon Weekend in Houston, but Jess claims Natalie was lying.

Tycoon Houston Weekend was August 25-28.

Before talking about the altercation, Natalie gave some backstory on where she thinks the rift between her and Jess began.

Natalie Nunn’s account:

Jess started off by saying Tanisha was her favorite from “Bad Girls Club,” and that I shouldn’t be running “Bad Girls Club” over at Zeus.

That’s how it started, and I was like, ‘What is she talking about?’

So she started with that. Then, the second thing was when Chrisean and Blueface’s show came, and, you know, my name’s in the credits as an executive producer.

She went on to say Natalie is exploiting Chrisean, and making all this money off of her, and it was a whole thing on YouTube if you Google it, like, she just went on a rant.

And so, I just be like, ‘How as another female, are you going to be mad at me for just working?’

I’m just doing my job, like Lemy said, we’re just following people’s stories. I’m not telling Chrisean to do this. I’m not telling Chrisean to… You know, we’re just following them.

It’s just raw, uncensored, you know, uh, whatever they’re doing.

So, I’m like, ‘How am I exploiting her?’

Charlamagne interjected and jokingly said he also blames Lemy (Lemuel Plummer), the President and CEO of Zeus who was being interviewed with Natalie, for exploiting Chrisean Rock.

Lemy was confused and he thought Charlamagne was accusing him of trying to exploit Jess, and Natalie clarified that Charlamagne was talking about Chrisean and the shows.

Lemy then made a disclaimer that he doesn’t have an issue with Jess, and he loves Jess, and Natalie reminded him that the last time he saw her she told Jess to get the f**k out of their section.

He then revealed that when Natalie and Jess got into it, he was trying to calm them down, which opened the door for Natalie to talk about the Tycoon Weekend altercation.

Lemy sponsored that Tycoon Weekend, one of the sponsors with 50 Cent. 

Yes, she was randomly walking to our section. She tried to grab our bottle and drink… Like, b***h you was just talking sh*t!

Like, you was just talking sh*t!

Jess responded to Natalie’s accusations a different day inside “The Rumor Report” segment because she was not in the studio the day Natalie was interviewed.

Jess Hilarious account:

I had my own section, which was sitting in front of them, we were right in front of the stage, and then Zeus was right behind us.

What happened, this was at Tycoon Weekend, 50’s weekend in Houston, ah, last year.

‘Baddies’ came through and two girls had walked through my section.

Jackie Long was escorting them in. Um, two of them walked through. Now, they were drunk.

I did tell the one girl, ‘Don’t walk through my section, walk around it.’

So, she mugged me and just kept walking, but they little girls so I’m like, ‘I’m not tripping as long as she don’t do nothing.’

So, they had to come back out and come back in, they walked through again. I mushed the girl.

Jackie Long, like, ‘Yo, chill!… Don’t don’t…’

She ran over there and told Natalie what happened, like, Natalie was her father or something.

And I’m like, ‘Yo, y’all don’t do that.’

I didn’t even go over there. I saw that happen, Natalie looked, that’s when she saw me.

Bobby Lytes, who I like, he’s cool. He came over, he’s like, ‘Jess, you want to take a shot with us? You want to take a shot?’

And I’m like, ‘Yeah, whatever, that’s cool.’

I wanted to go over there anyway. I went over there, and he was pouring me a section. I never had the bottle in my hand. He grabbed the bottle, and he was pouring a shot.

And Natalie in the back, ‘Hold up. Who’s that? Don’t, nah she, nah F her, she not drinking from my bottle.

First of all, it was one bottle for 10 girls so it was, like, it was only enough for one of y’all to take a swig one time anyway.

I’m not going to do that, but I did just come over there to get worked up.

So she just, ‘What’s up? What’s up?’

The chair she was sitting in was very tight so she couldn’t get up so she gave up, and she never got up.

So, I’m like, ‘What’s up then?’, and I walked past Bobby. Lemuel grabbed me like, ‘No no no come on let’s take a picture. Now let’s take a picture?…’

No, he’s like you need to calm down whatever whatever. So, he de-escalated the situation, him and their security, and I went back to my section.

And that was it. We took the party outside. That was it.

Jess Hilarious said she never touched their bottle and tried to drink it, but she did admit that some of the other things Natalie said were true.

And Natalie, yeah I said Tanisha’s my favorite “Bad Girl” because she is my favorite “Bad Girl.”

And yes I did give you some flack about you exploiting the girl Chrisean and I also did say Lemy.

If people don’t like Mona Scott-Young, they can’t like Lemuel.

Watch the clip from “The Breakfast Club” of Natalie Nunn and Jess Hilarious giving their accounts of what happened at Tycoon Weekend below.

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