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Jonathan Majors Trends After Breaking Up School Fight 

Jonathan Majors breaks up fight between high school girls

Jonathan Majors is trending in the streets of Twitter (X) after he was captured on camera breaking up a school fight on Monday.

The incredible actor has been experiencing a PR nightmare after he was arrested for assault following a domestic incident with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

In the video, that has now gone viral, Jonathan Majors who was in the area having lunch, spotted two girls brawling at a Hollywood high school. 

He quickly sprung into action and broke up the fight. 

Judging by the commentary of the spectators, they had no idea the good samaritan who intervened was the Creed III star.  

Watch the clip below. 

Unfortunately, some folks aren’t buying Jonathan Majors’ act of heroism and the floodgates of jokes and speculation are open.

Read a few tweets below.

Do you think Jonathan Majors’ act of heroism was staged?

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