chrisean rock gets baby boy chrisean malone jr. dedicated to christ

Chrisean Rock took her week-old son, Chrisean Malone, Jr., to church on Sunday to be dedicated to the Lord. 

The new mommy was surrounded by her family at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center as Pastor Mike Freeman and his wife, Dr. Deedee Freeman, prayed for her baby boy. 

Pastor Freeman held Chrisean Jr., who was dressed in a little bear newborn fleece romper, and said:

We dedicate this child unto you. We dedicate his life unto you. And every attack that’s set up against him we render it null and void now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Freeman went on to pray for Chrisean Rock and even Blueface

Cover her. Cover him. And even as it relates to his father we cover him in prayer. Every attack that the devil has against his life in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Chrisean Rock shared video from her son’s dedication via her Instagram account. 

The caption on the post read, “Amen😢 Chrisean Jr was dedicated today. On the 7th day of being here with us on earth.”

See her original post below. 

While Chrisean Malone Jr. was being dedicated to the Lord, his father, Blueface, was on Twitter offering strangers his two cents about it. 

The rapper tweeted:

I trust chrisean with my son that’s it nobody else shes actually very nurturing an caring good with kids no doubt just a lil impatient an the baby NEEDS patience can’t just get up an go no more I’m being patient as hell you don’t think I wanna get up an go rn…timing not right.

My biggest pet peeve wit kids is somebody else changing my baby diapers

When people do the right thing it’s okay to cheer for them that’s how you get them to continue to do the right thing sheesh y’all mad I said some good lmao.

Gotta have the same energy vice versa tho when they make a bad call you gotta boo they a** can’t cheer for bad decisions I rather the baby Ina church full of god fearing faithful people if anything I believe in the same thing 🙏

I pray the Lord keeps Chrisean Jr. covered and protected.

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