Cardi B has released her new single, “Enough (Miami),” along with the official music video for your viewing pleasure. 

In the song, the Grammy Award-winning rapper spits:


Me versus you and you know who they pickin’

Cheap and expensive, you knowin’ the difference

You know that it’s hittin', you know what it's givin'

Hair, nails, polar bear

I can survive in the coldest conditions

Hoes better lower their tone when they spittin'

b---es is washed, soap on the dishes

I apply pressure like boa constrictors

One b---, two b---, old b---, new b---

None of y'all b---es not gon' do s---

I'm in Miami, I pull up on cruise ship

You in Miami, four hoеs to a room s---

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Social Media Reactions

Cardi is currently trending as the Bardi Gang took to the streets of Twitter to share their first reactions to the single and the official music video.

Read a few tweets below. 

New Album Announcement Coming

Fans are eagerly awaiting Cardi B’s sophomore album, following her Grammy Award-winning debut, Invasion of Privacy, in 2018.

In a recent interview, she said:

I took a little break, I came back on social media.

I dropped a little freestyle and everything.

Y’know just to wet my feet.

A week later, I’m dropping this single and the next announcement is not going to be a single, it’s gonna be an album.

I’m back outside, I’m tired of s— holding me back.

It’s been six years since I’ve dropped an album.

So, I’m gonna drop an album this year.

Are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING the single and visuals for Cardi B’s new single, “Enough (Miami)?”

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