Drea Kelly recently appeared on the “Turnt Out With TS Madison,” and she set the record straight on why she kept the last name of her incarcerated ex-husband, R. Kelly.

I don’t have his last name. 

It’s not like he left me a house, and even if he did and I decided to live in it till the day I die, that is my business.

My last name is not a car lease, you don’t turn it in at the end of the marriage.

My name is Andrea Danyell Kelly, and I earned the name blood, sweet, and tears.

And people should not be worried about why I kept the last name.

They should be more concerned about what I do with the last name.

Because if my name wasn’t Kelly I wouldn’t be on CNN, 20/20 wouldn’t come and follow me for a day, I wouldn’t go to the island of Anguilla and speak about domestic violence, and surviving, and going through that transition.

Because if my name was Jones let’s be real clear,  my phone wouldn’t ring.

It’s women going through what I went through, right now as we speak, and no one cares because they’re not famous.

People try to crucify me for the very thing they are curious about.

So don’t worry about the last name, worry about what I’m doing with it.

During the interview, Drea also spoke about her grandfather being a baptist preacher and him being the first person she ever saw beat a woman.

So domestic violence and keeping it silent was real to me at a very young age.

So God, love, and pain that’s all I knew from a little girl.

So you fast-forward, you end up in a toxic relationship it’s not foreign to you that’s what you know.

She said her father gave her a point of reference on how to treat a woman because he was the complete opposite of his father.

Drea Kelly also had some very poignant comments about “Joseline’s Cabaret.

Watch the video below:

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