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Jennifer Williams Calls Tami Roman ‘Classless’ Over Tim Norman Remarks

Jennifer Williams thinks Tami Roman is “classless.”

In a recent “Bonnet Chronicles” video, the “Basketball Wives” star-turned-actress shared her commentary on Tim Norman, the “Welcome to Sweeties Pie’s” star who has been arrested and charged for allegedly hiring someone to kill his nephew to collect a $450,000 life insurance policy. 

Jennifer and Tim dated and had a nasty break up that resulted in restraining orders being filed.

In her video, Tami joked about Jennifer Williams escaping Tim before he killed her. 

Jennifer, you escaped it girl… If he would do that to his nephew, b**ch you didn’t have a chance. 

Then, Tami Roman noted that had Tim killed Jennifer her would have gotten away with it because no one would care. 

And he probably wouldn’t have got caught because no one would’ve gave a f–k!

Watch the clip below:


In a statement to Page Six, Jennifer responded to the video saying:

I don’t talk to Tami and I don’t know why she is making fun of a horrific situation where a life was lost. Tami is classless, and it was done in poor taste while a family is trying to come to terms with the ultimate betrayal from one of their own.

That’s all I have to say about Tami’s tacky ass… With everything going on in the world and the climate within the Black community, I’m saddened a Black woman is tearing another one down. 

Do you think Tami’s commentary was “tacky” and “classless?”

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