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J.R. Smith took to the streets of Instagram and called Tory Lanez a “clown” for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

The NBA baller took to his IG Story to express his dissatisfaction with people continuing to listen to Tory’s music.

After saying what he said, J.R. made it very clear if someone doesn’t like what he had to say about the situation all they have to do is make a phone call because “it’s whatever.”

This clown shoots a female an y’all listening to his music like its ok! TF @torylanez you a straight ? straight ????? an tell who ever to hit my line it’s whatever!

See his original post below:

J.R. Smith - Tory Lanez

Listen, I feel very confident in saying Tory does not want that J.R. Smith smoke.

We still haven’t forgotten the way the NBA star beat the breaks off of that caucasian car vandal back in May.

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