Paul George: ‘Playoff P’ Where Are You?

Paul George introduced the world to “Playoff P” in 2018, but there has been an APB out for him in the last 2 games of the series against the DAL MAVS.

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Paul gave himself the nickname, as a player on the OKC THUNDER, unbeknownst to his teammates.

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Today’s reality is “Playoff P” is a member of the LA Clippers and he has been missing in action since game 1 of the CLIPPERS/MAVS playoff series, in the NBA Bubble.

Paul has received a lot of criticism since he gave himself the nickname “Playoff P” because his most accomplished playoff years were as an IND PACER…before Paul blessed himself with the self-proclaimed moniker.

Many fans and sports analysts have become frustrated with the nickname because Paul is not living up to it.

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Paul is an extremely talented basketball player who is feeling the pressure of living up to his self-proclaimed moniker, but there is definitely a lack of sympathy because the expectation is if you’re bold enough to give yourself a nickname then you have to live up to it.

In the Game 3 post-game interview, Paul admits that he hasn’t shot the ball well in the last 2 games, but there are more facets to his game that he focuses on when he’s not shooting well.

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I believe we will have a “Playoff P” sighting in Game 4 today.

In my opinion, Paul George is an NBA superstar who cursed himself with a nickname that puts unneeded pressure on him in the playoffs.

Do you think “Playoff P” will make an appearance in Game 4?

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