Tami Roman via Instagram

Tami Roman took to the streets of social media to share her wild experience at a cocaine-fueled party. 

The seasoned reality TV star, actress, and host of “Unfaithful: Caught In The Act,” opened her video on the Bonnet Chronicles page with a candid statement: “Well, y’all…I’ve had a night...”

Tami went on to share, “I was invited to a party and I get there and when I walked in the door…Now, I ain’t never been to no party like this. Okay? So, when I walk in the door…it’s people milling around everywhere.

But, the most important thing was that the people had coke everywhere. 

The peoples had the powders and stuff everywhere. There was white powders, there was pink powders, there was yellow powders and I don’t know what any of those colored powders do,” Tami said. “I was hoping that it was like… food coloring and that it wasn’t mixtures of other stuff inside the powders.”

Rather than leaving the party, Tami Roman saw it as an opportunity to observe the effects the drugs had on the partygoers.

I said this is a perfect opportunity for me to watch how these people act when they on the powders.

Tami went on to detail the outlandish actions and behaviors of the “peoples on the powder” to the delight of her followers. 

Listen to her Story Time below.

Have you ever ended up at the wrong kind of party? 👀

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