H.E.R. recently chatted with the ladies of “The Real” about being a global ambassador for L’Oréal and being only two awards from EGOT status.

The fact that I’m a Black and Filipino woman from the Bay Area, and I get to, I don’t know, just empower and inspire young women just by simply being on that platform.

And, for them to see, like, a young woman, you know, representing this beauty brand.

I just feel like I didn’t see that many people that look like me in commercials representing some of these major makeup brands and hair brands.

So to be in that position is really special to me.

She said it’s a full circle moment because she actually started off playing with makeup with L’Oréal true match in the mascara.

H.E.R. has won a Grammy and an Oscar, and she looks at being two awards away from an EGOT as a natural progression in the sense of she’s not just going to be doing whatever to attain EGOT status.

She wants it to come naturally from the things she loves to do like acting, directing, and producing.

H.E.R. revealed that she grew up looking up to Alicia Keys, and her most memorable performance was with Alicia Keys at Global Citizen Festival.

Watch the Alicia Keys and H.E.R. performance at Global Citizen Festival below:

We wish H.E.R. the best in all her future endeavors, and we will be looking forward to celebrating that EGOT when she gets it.