Handbag Designer Sonique Saturday Gifted Jennifer Hudson A Bag That Was Later Found In A Thrift Store

Black female handbag Designer Sonique Saturday is defending Jennifer Hudson after a bag she gifted her was found in a thrift store.

The thrift store find was posted to TikTok, and in the video, the woman that found the bag shared the personal note that Sonique sent to Jennifer Hudson.

Watch the video from the thrift store below:

According to Sonique, she gifted the bag to Jennifer Hudson a while ago. She said, at the time, she knew some of the people on Jennifer Hudson’s team from childhood, and they reached out to her and wanted her to give Jennifer Hudson a bag.

Sonique said they paid for the bag as well.

Jennifer Hudson’s team, at the time at least, some of those people in her team I know from childhood.

And so, um, they reached out to me, wanted me to give her a bag… Uh, they paid for the bag.

Not knowing the whole story, just kind of seeing the video, seeing the headline…

Of course, people are like, ‘Wait a minute this is a small Black-owned business, like, there is no way this is happening to her.’

But, in actuality, um, I’m looking at it from the perspective of, you know, now that the conversation is out there, um, let’s see how we can leverage more small businesses to people like Miss. Jennifer Hudson, or more Black-owned businesses, more female-owned businesses.

And so, I would want to leverage that relationship and not attack Miss. Hudson.

Sonique made it very clear that this happened a long time ago, and she has no idea if Jennifer Hudson ever received the bag.

Whoever took the bag to the thrift store didn’t want it, but Sonique posted a video in April on her IG showing how much Amber Rose loved the exact same bag.

Watch Sonique Saturday’s original IG post below:

In another video, reposted to her IG from her TikTok, Sonique made it very clear that she is trying to get on the “Jennifer Hudson Show.”

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Source: TMZ

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