Jamesha Bracey says her 16-year-old daughter, Taylor Bracey, is traumatized after being body-slammed to the ground by a resource officer at Liberty High School in Osceola County Florida.

The body-slam rendered Taylor unconscious, but that didn’t stop officer Ethan Fournier from placing the handcuffs on her limp body.

He is currently on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.


Jamesha Bracey said her daughter had previously told school administrators that she had been threatened by other students.

Jamesha wants to know why officer Ethan Fournier body-slammed her daughter.

The sheriff in Osceola County claims that Jamesha was not following officer Fournier’s commands, and she went after another student, but Jamesha disputes those claims.

Even if Taylor was still trying to fight it doesn’t justify the actions of officer Ethan Fournier.

According to civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the family, there was no fight there was only an argument.

There was never a fight! There was a verbal altercation. Taylor never touched anybody, and then this police officer does what we see on that video.

Ben Crump be popping up on these cases like The Brown Hornet.

According to Fournier’s attorney, the video only shows a part of the story, and the use of force was justified.

How is it justifiable for a grown man to body-slam a 16-year-old girl on the ground?…

Watch the news report below:

Hopefully, justice will prevail in this case, our prayers are with Jamesha and Taylor.