Florida teacher Christina Reszetar, 51, was arrested last week after she allegedly sprayed aerosol disinfectant in four students faces at Largo High School because they refused to wear their face masks properly.

Reszetar told the judge on Thursday she teaches learning disabled math and has worked at Largo High School for 18 years.

The judge characterized the incident as a misguided attempt at discipline.

I think I can fairly characterize this as a severely misguided attempt at discipline.

Reszetar was released from jail without bond after letting the judge know she couldn’t afford a defense attorney on her salary.

The case will go to trial if the state decides to move forward.

It has been reported that Reszetar is still employed.

Watch the news report from WFLA News Channel 8 below:

Wow! Christina Reszetar seem to catch all the breaks for this incident.

Source: NY Daily News