Jaguar Wright (YouTube), Christopher Williams (Instagram)

Welp! You knew it was coming… Jaguar Wright expeditiously took to social media to respond to Christopher Williams calling her a “crackhead.”

The soul singer, who has now become infamous for her unfiltered tales about the music industry, revisited Christopher’s 2017 arrest for stealing $99 JBL headphones out of Kohl’s.

Christopher Williams was arrested on a theft by shoplifting charge in Henry County. (Credit: Henry County Sheriff’s Office)

The singer told security he forgot he had put the headphones in his tote.

Jaguar Wright said, “Security wasn’t it buying it just like ain’t nobody buying that you ain’t give Diddy head.”

She added: 

Stealing out of Kohl’s is the stupidest s— you can do!

Everybody gets caught.

Kohl’s got the coldest motherf— in store security people.

Put a 1 in the chat if that sounds like crackhead behavior!

Stealing f— JBLs and highjacking godd— deposits for shows you know you ain’t gone do.

But, I’m a crackhead?!?

Jaguar also brought up Christopher Williams’ alleged history of domestic violence.

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry revealed an abusive ex-boyfriend had assaulted her and caused her to lose hearing in her right ear. 

Many assumed she was referring to Christopher Williams, which he has denied.

In a bizarre turn of events, Jaguar Wright mentioned that she’s grieving because her mother passed away and her sister is hiding the body. 

Watch as Jaguar responds to Christopher Williams below. 

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