Christopher Williams, Diddy via Instagram

Christopher Williams had a minor outburst regarding Diddy and Jaguar Wright while performing on the 2024 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage.

The 90s R&B star was interacting with cruisers and asked someone to fix his hair before he said:

Don’t start that Nino Brown s—! Pretty motherf—!

I done said, ‘No Diddy!’ That punk a— n—!

They talking about…that I gave that punk a— n— some head! Jaguar Wright is a crackhead.

But, I’m going to pray for her anyway.

I wish a n— would! I’m from the Bronx.

I will smack Puffy a— tomorrow!

If we was locked up – he’d be my Maytag.

Y’all better ask somebody in the real world who Christopher Williams is in real life.

Don’t get this singing s— twisted at all! 

(For those of you, like myself, who don’t speak “jail”…a Maytag is a jail term for an inmate who has been “used and abused” by other inmates.) 

You may recall that during one of her explosive interviews, Jaguar Wright claimed an entertainment attorney who was working at Bad Boy Entertainment allegedly walked in on Christopher Williams servicing Diddy in exchange for a demo deal. 

Watch below as Christopher addresses both Diddy and Jaguar during his performance.

I hope Christopher feels better after getting that off his chest because it has obviously been marinating in his spirit.

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