Comedian Brian Simpson interview with Ice Cream Convos

Ice Cream Convos recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the remarkable comedian Brian Simpson, whose meteoric rise in the world of comedy has been nothing short of extraordinary.

With his Netflix special, “Brian Simpson: Live from the Mothership,” capturing audiences’ hearts and minds, we delved into the depths of his journey, from his childhood to his experiences serving in the U.S. Marines, and how they have shaped his comedic lens.


Simpson’s special on Netflix isn’t just about delivering laughs; it’s about navigating through the complexities of life, including racism, gun violence, masculinity, and more, with a unique blend of wit and charm.

Within the hour, he effortlessly weaves storytelling and timing, evoking laughter while also provoking thought and introspection.

Born from a childhood spent in foster care, Brian Simpson’s journey to success has been anything but conventional.

Serving in the Marines, where he stood out as the lone Black man in his corps, instilled in him a sense of resilience and determination that shines through in his comedy.

Even facing homelessness upon his arrival in Los Angeles just a decade ago, Simpson’s unwavering spirit propelled him forward.

Before comedy took center stage in his life, Brian honed his skills in the tech industry and even worked at the Pentagon.

It was during his time at The Mad House comedy club in San Diego, where he was initially employed in security, that he discovered his natural talent for humor.

Since then, he has been recognized as one of Variety’s Top Comics to Watch and has graced the stage of Netflix’s “The Standups” Season 3, solidifying his place in the comedy spotlight.


During our conversation, Simpson touched on a variety of topics, including his Netflix special, the intricacies of cancel culture, his experiences serving in the Marine Corps, comedian beef, and even rap beef.

His insights into these subjects were as thought-provoking as they were entertaining, showcasing his ability to even tackle serious issues with a comedic flair.

As audiences continue to flock to his Netflix special and his star continues to rise, Brian Simpson remains a beacon of hope and laughter in an often tumultuous world.

His ability to navigate the complexities of life with humor and grace is a testament to his talent and resilience, making him a force to be reckoned with in the world of comedy and beyond.

Our interview with Brian Simpson offered a glimpse into the mind of a comedian who is not only hilarious but also deeply insightful.

Watch our conversation below.

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