Marques Houston

Marques Houston is trending in the streets of Twitter again after sharing his issues with dating women his own age. 

The former Immature/IMx singer and actor has been quite the hot topic after renewed scrutiny and rumors surrounding his marriage bubbled to the surface. 

You can deep dive into that in the post below.

Marques Houston’s wife Miya Dickey is nearly 20 years his junior. 

He met her in 2018 when she was 17 years old and he was 36. 

They tied the knot two years later in August 2020. 

While talking with Page Six, Marques shared that he could have married a woman his own age, but it “could’ve been disastrous.” 

Marques Houston went on to explain how women his age “have a different outlook on life.” 

“Like a lot of women, my age are very independent. They are very like, ‘I don’t need a man to do this for me ’cause I can do it for myself.’ I come from a generation that I love to provide for my wife.”

If you prefer a woman you can control…just say that. 

He also noted that many women his age have children…and he considers that a “red flag.” 

A red flag to me [was] always with a woman that had a kid.

Nothing against single women, but single mothers with children are a red flag for me.

The 41-year-old, who welcomed his first child with his wife last year, added, “I tip my hat and respect women that are raising children on their own. But when I grew up, I never really wanted to have kids.”

Marques Houston recalled, “There’s a lot of women my age I’ve dated, they may have baggage. They may have kids, they may not.”

But, it was a teenage girl who stole his heart because he is “young in spirit.”

There’s so many different women I’ve been with throughout my life, and it just so happens to be that this one [Miya] caught my heart.

Everything that I prayed for — and everything that I wanted in a woman — she came with.

Although she was young, I’m young in spirit.

Marques Houston’s latest interview has caused quite a stir in the streets of Twitter.

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Source: Page Six

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