Taraji P. Henson and Vivica A. Fox in 'Empire' (Courtesy of FOX)

Taraji P. Henson has been very vocal about her experience with pay inequality as a Black actress in Hollywood, however, Vivica A. Fox said she can’t relate to the struggles of her former “Empire” co-star. 

Vivica A. Fox Is ‘Good,’ She Didn’t Have Taraji P. Henson’s Experience

TMZ recently caught up with Vivica and asked her to chime in on the convo. 

The 59-year-old actress with over 230 acting credits to her name said she “didn’t have that experience.”

Vivica A. Fox added she isn’t opposed to those who are speaking out about the pay disparity and she loves that the actresses are supporting each other. 

But, she’s “good.” 

You know, darling, to each its own, do you know what I mean? I’m very happy, very blessed and to each its own.

I didn’t have that experience, so to each its own.

But to get your piece out is important, I totally understand that, and I love my girls for looking out for each other, but I’m good.

Watch the clip below. 

Social Media Reacts

Vivica A. Fox’s statement has sparked reactions from social media and she’s now trending alongside Taraji P. Henson. 

On person tweeted, “Not denying that Vivica has done some phenomenal things in her career but that was very nasty and unnecessary to say that she hasn’t experienced what Taraji experienced. She just should’ve kept quiet or helped her black sister get her coins.”

Someone else tweeted, “Y’all will not disrespect Vivica. Let’s be fr. Small or big roles she’s a good actress. Yall want everybody to feel how you feel about stuff and all she said was, “that wasn’t her experience” and she’s proud of Taraji for speaking up.

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Gabrielle Union, Robin Thede, And Keke Palmer Understand Taraji P. Henson’s Experience

Vivica A. Fox may not have had Taraji P. Henson’s experience with pay inequality as a Black actress in Hollywood, but others like Gabrielle Union, Robin Thede, and Keke Palmer have.

Gabrielle reacted to the video of Taraji, when she broke down in tears out of frustration, writing:

Not a damn lie told. Not. A. Damn. Lie. We go TO BAT for the next generation and hell even our own generation and above.

We don’t hesitate to be the change that we all need to see AND it takes a toll on your mind, health, soul, and career if we’re keepn it 💯 ❤️ u @tarajiphenson

Robin took to Twitter writing:

Taraji is telling the absolute TRUTH. 70-80% of GROSS income is gone off top for taxes & commissions (agents, managers, lawyers). And for those who pay other employees as well? Babyyyy! The math ain’t mathing! And I know – you’re like $10M minus $8M is still $2M…

Yes that’s true. However, $10M is VERY RARE! Most of your fave Black actresses make about $250k-$500k for STARRING in movies (so $50-$100k net) and might only get ONE project a year.

Now they have to pay social media managers (cause yall will drag them if they don’t have dope content), stylists (cause yall will drag them if they look busted), HAIR/WIGS (cause yall will drag them if they look busted), not to mention important shit like childcare (!!)

school for said kids (!!), keeping a roof over their heads (somewhere they can feel safe w/their family away from paparazzi who invade their privacy). I know this life looks glamorous for someone like her and I know there will be comments like $100k is a lot of money (it is!)

but do the math of all of it and it’s often still living check to check and not creating generational wealth. Especially living in LA/NY. All the while watching non-Black actors get paid WAY more.

This woman is OSCAR NOMINATED – imagine the struggle for  99% of the rest. Maybe folks won’t relate but that’s also the issue – being misunderstood and people just assuming they’re “rich.” So next time yall see an actor working at Trader Joe’s, maybe it will hit different.

Lastly – @tarajiphenson is a goddess! I met her when I was a STAND IN on All of Us and she was a guest star. She treated me with the utmost kindness! I saw her a week ago at an awards show and she grabbed me and told me how proud she was of me 🥹. She has ALWAYS fought for US!

See Keke’s Instagram post below.

Let’s keep the conversation going (in a positive way) until there is a real change!

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