Keke Palmer Debuts ‘Assets’ Video 

Keke Palmer in 'Assets' video

Keke Palmer has released the official music video for her latest single, “Assets.” 

In the message-infused visual, Keke stops by the salon to get her hair done before heading to a job interview for a position at the bank. 

While chatting with her hairstylist (played by herself), Keke discusses the challenges of dating men who “don’t know what to do with an independent woman.”

Once arriving for her job interview, Keke effortlessly runs down how women are underfunded and Black women are less likely to own high-return assets than White individuals.

As usual, Keke looks beautiful in the video and the song is a catchy bop!

Watch the “Assets” music video below. 

Are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING Keke Palmer’s “Assets” music video?

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