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Crime Mob rapper and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Diamond recently sat down with Carlos King for an in-depth convo about everything including her career, her miscarriage, Lil Scrappy, Erica Dixon, and Bambi.

Read a few notable quotables below. 

‘My Skin Wasn’t As Tough As It Is Now’

Diamond, who is now a cast member on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” shared why she originally turned down being on the show over a decade ago. 

I don’t think that I was as mature as I am now. I was scared.

I had just gone through a very bad breakup publicly and I wasn’t ready for the type of scrutiny that pretty much any public figure gets today.

My skin wasn’t as tough as it is now. I kinda just chose my peace.

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‘I Really Didn’t Feel Valued’ 

Diamond opened up about why she ended her relationship with Lil Scrappy.

I didn’t really feel valued. I knew he loved me, but I didn’t think the love that he had for me was strong enough for him to stop doing the cheating.

As crazy as it might sound…cheating wasn’t really at the top of the list – I’m not saying it’s okay – but we know how men are.

It was moreso of me kinda having to dim my light and it being a competition with certain things. 

‘I Had An Abortion’

Diamond shared that she was pressured to have an abortion because Crime Mob was exploding on the music scene. 

Well, at that time, which I will say – I don’t know if this is before or after – I had an abortion, which I’m not happy about.

But, at that time, unfortunately, that was the best decision that I felt that I was making. You know?

So, to see women to be able to be pregnant and get on stage and really have a relationship and be open about dating.

That was so unheard of.

You had a boyfriend, you got pregnant, your career was over.

You cut off. Point blank period. You cut off. Cut off. 

When asked if she was told to have an abortion, Diamond said…

In a sense, yes. In a sense, I was.

And it was so much money that was at stake.

We were in the height of our career and we literally toured every day of the week – six days out the week.

We only came home on Sundays if we didn’t have a show just to wash clothes repack and leave. 

‘He Was Devastated’ 

Diamond shared that her decision to have an abortion is a hurt that Lil Scrappy still carries. 

He was devastated.

I think that he still carries – I know, we talked about it – he still carries that hurt.

He’s still angry with me in a sense for that and allowing the industry – but I was afraid.

He was doing his thing.

I thought I would be home with a baby – my career would be over.

He’d just be doing his thing – he was already doing his thing.  

‘I Don’t Care If I Lose My Career’

Diamond opened up about the miscarriage she suffered in 2007. 

I was really excited about this pregnancy.

I don’t care if I lose my career.

This industry will suck you dry – will take everything – chew you up and spit you out and leave you with nothing. I just wanted to have something that genuine love me.

And that I could share all these great things with – whether it be material things or just traveling the world – that was something that I was really really excited about.

Due to stress – relationship stress and industry stress, of course, I had a miscarriage (at 3 months). Traumatizing.

Very traumatizing. I got the tattoo just as a memory. 

That’s something that was definitely very traumatizing to me.

Between that and like I said, the abortion, which I’m not happy about, I deal with every day.

I guess that was the best decision that I could make at that time. I’m blessed enough to have a son now.

My son is 7 he is the love of my life – my best friend and I’m thankful.  

‘I Haven’t Met The Love Of My Life’

When it comes to love, Diamond is going to leave the door open like Silk Sonic. 

I don’t think I’ve met the love of my life.

I feel like…definitely Scrappy was my first love, my first true love.

I don’t think I’ve met the love of my life yet though.

‘You’ve Always Been Number 2’

During her convo with Carlos King, Diamond said it was her love for Emani that motivated her to take the high road when it comes to Erica Dixon. But, she has reached her threshold of tolerance. 

…kids see things on social media and so forth and you’re kinda brought into that.

So, that’s another reason why I tried for so long not to really speak on it and take that high road.

That’s why I was shocked cause in passing I’ve seen Erica out you know before this whatever and it was like a ‘What’s up…Hey – Bye’ situation.

There was no beef.

There was no reason for us to beef that was when I was a teenager. 

And then you’ve always been number 2.

You were never the main chick.

You were always number 2.

I got the ring first.

And even with your new situation…why are you so invested in your first baby daddy?

You should be trying to figure out what’s going on with your second baby daddy.

Or why you had these kids knowing that he was in a relationship with a whole other woman.

So, don’t come f— with me cause you know I’mma tell it like it T-I-Is.

This ain’t the same Brittany Diamond from 11 years ago. 

‘The Marriage Was Already Broken’

Diamond shared that a big part of her decision to join “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” was to defend herself because Bambi was painting her out to be a homewrecker. 

I literally came on to the show to defend myself because it was portrayed that I was a homewrecker through his marriage – which I was not.

Apparently, the marriage was already broken, A.

B, I realized years ago me not speaking up for myself hurt me more than me just going live a couple months ago on my rant.

It helped me more than me not saying anything at all.

So, I’m like okay…I’m going to come on this show to have you back as a friend, but also to clear the name for my name and my brand.

Cause we not gone run with this.

I let that be done to me 11 years ago and I had to go through so much to clear my name and fix my brand from being talked about. 

Watch Diamond’s interview with Carlos King below.

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