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I’m disappointed to report “A Black Lady Sketch Show” has been canceled after four seasons at HBO.

The narrative sketch comedy series, created by and starring Robin Thede was a success for the network with 13 Emmy nominations and three historic wins for Black women editors and directors.

A Black Lady Sketch Show” featured a core cast of Black women living relatable and hilarious experiences in a magical reality that subverts traditional expectations.

Robin Thede took to social media to share her thoughts and gratitude after learning the show would not be returning for a fifth season.

She wrote:

Although #ABLSS has come to an end, this show and its impact will outlive us all. 

Thank you to all the immensely talented cast members, guest stars, writers, directors, editors, and crew members who have made this show an Emmy-winning success story. 

I am so grateful to everyone and especially want to recognize the Black women and other women of color who excelled in every department at ABLSS. 

The joy of seeing their success, knowing it has forever changed the perceptions of what we can do, will never diminish.

For fans of the show, please know that your support and love for ABLSS has always been so blippity appreciated. 

Thank you for sharing the videos, posting the memes, and yelling the catchphrases at us when you saw us in the streets! 

Please continue to support these amazing comedians as they go on to more greatness in their careers outside of the Black Lady Courtroom (clap, clap)!

I am eternally grateful for the support of Issa Rae and Jax Media, who believed in this series sight unseen. 

Finally, I have immense gratitude for my partnership with Amy Gravitt, Casey Bloys and the entire team at HBO, Max, and WarnerDiscovery and look forward to creating more magic together.

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