Tyler Perry, the acclaimed filmmaker and actor, recently found himself overwhelmed by emotions while promoting his upcoming documentary, Maxine’s Baby, on “The View.”

This powerful documentary pays tribute to his late mother’s enduring love and offers an intimate look at Tyler Perry’s remarkable journey to the top of an industry that wasn’t always welcoming.

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The Story of “Maxine’s Baby”

Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story is a touching and personal tribute to Tyler Perry’s mother and a deeper exploration of his remarkable career.

With unprecedented access, first-time directors Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz invite viewers into the inner world of this visionary and innovator.

Perry’s story, though celebrated, has never been fully told until now. It chronicles his path to becoming a father and a media mogul with a mission to pave his unique road to success.

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Sara Haines on “The View”:

During the promotion of the documentary on “The View,” co-host Sara Haines expressed the profound impact it had on her. She shared her plan to watch it whenever she needed to reconnect with her own inner strength.

I wanted to run laps when I got done,” she shared.

Meeting Maxine:

Sara’s words touched Tyler Perry deeply. She told him that through the film, she felt like she “met Maxine,” Tyler’s mother.

Fighting to maintain his composure, Tyler reacted saying, “Wait a minute…Wow. You met my mother? You met my mother through it? Man, that’s…wow! Wow! Thank you. Oh, my God. Wow!

He continued, “To say that you met her through that…that takes me somewhere because she – this woman endured so much pain and she didn’t have some legacy, but she had me. To say that I was able to introduce her to you…you got me there, man. Thank you for that. I appreciate that very much.

Watch the Emotional Segment:

Experience the emotional connection between Tyler Perry and Sara Haines as they discuss Maxine’s Baby on “The View.” Watch the heartfelt segment below.

Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story will debut on Prime Video on November 17, 2023. 

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