Trevor Jackson/Instagram

Trevor Jackson is currently making waves on Twitter (X) due to his unexpected rendition of Tyla’s popular track, “Water.”

Trevor took the spotlight, seated at a microphone, adorned with headphones and a white tank, as he passionately sang the lyrics:

Make you sweat

While you make me harder

Make me lose my breath in your water

I’m going deep until I hit the bottom

Make you lose your breath

Make you water

Get into the TMix cover below.

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Trevor Jackson delivers a fantastic vocal performance on his reimagined version of “Water.”

However, it’s not just his vocal skills that have captured attention.

Trevor’s distinctive facial expressions and spontaneous body movements have ignited a frenzy across my Twitter (X) feed.

Check out a few tweets below. 

Did you enjoy Trevor Jackson’s cover of Tyla’s “Water?” 

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