Joseline Hernandez Joins The Cast Of ‘College Hill Celebrity Edition’ Season 2 & Twitter Reacts

Joseline Hernandez joined the season 2 cast of “College Hill Celebrity Edition,” and two episodes in, she has her cast mates on edge.

BET+ knew exactly what they were doing when they added Joseline to the cast because it’s instant drama.

Watch the “College Hill Celebrity Edition” season 2 trailer below:

In the first 2 episodes, Joseline Hernandez has had verbal altercations with Ray J, Tiffany Pollard (New York), and a physical altercation with Amber Rose.

The Twitterverse seems to be split on how they feel about Joseline’s actions, they are either entertained or disgusted.

Scoop some comments below:

Joseline Hernandez, who also has her own show on the Zeus, took to her Instagram Story to talk about how she’s the gift that keeps on giving to these networks.

Companies get their money’s worth when they hire the Princess. Period.

I’m the best to ever do it. And I’m just getting started. Thank you to the people that enjoy my artistry.

Without you it would not be any me! I give you what I truly feel it is that you want!

Nothing more nothing less. Life is great!

I’m happily working being a mother, a wife, an artist, an inspiration to so many girls like myself that came from the slums of Puerto Rico. Love is love love is real.

I’m very lucky and very very loved by my universe and yours! Enjoy me because I’m here forever!

Even when no longer in the flesh I’ve built tons and tons of entertainment for you guys my kids, and my grandkids to enjoy when I perish.

See her original post below.

Joseline Hernandez

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