Gunplay gifts Rick Ross a chain

Gunplay is raising eyebrows in the streets of social media after he gifted Rick Ross a very expensive necklace.

The rapper, whose real name is Richard Morales, posted a video of himself excitedly unboxing a chain and pendant for Rozay, who was laying in bed wearing only a pair of basketball shorts.

Gunplay captioned the post: 

Gave my big brother a token of my appreciation for believing in me when nobody did, cared when nobody did, gave me an opportunity when nobody did, I love you forever my brother thank you!!! 

See the original post below.

Folks are side-eyeing Gunplay because he and his partner, Vonshae Taylor, launched a $50,000 GoFundMe to cover medical expenses after their baby girl had to undergo open heart surgery. 

During DJ Envy’s childish beef with Rick Ross, he mentioned Gunplay’s GoFundMe and that turned into a big ole mess!

When Charlamagne Tha God got the guys on the phone together to straighten it out, Gunplay secretly recorded the convo, where he pressed DJ Envy for an apology

When Envy returned to “The Breakfast Club,” he publicly questioned whether or not Gunplay recorded and released the convo for clout. 

He also noted that it is against the law to record someone without their knowledge. 

That resulted in Gunplay sending Envy a cease and desist, which is complete overkill.

Now, back to this “token of appreciation” for Rick Ross.

A few folks in the comment section have questions about it.

One person commented: 

I have donated to a lot of go fund me accounts. Even celebrities that I see accidents happen to. And when u see crap like this then u know even a celebrity will scam u out of money. I learned quick don’t I don’t give to celebrities cause they have lots of rich friends who help them out. I only help those who you can look up a background and see they don’t have much and give it to them!

Another person wrote: 

If you donated any money to that gofundme go get your bread back. They playing in yall faces.

This comment took me out: 

S/O to Gunplay for being brave enough to leave his comments on after posting this knowing they were just asking for money for a gofundme now he’s buying chains for another man.

Rick Ross appears to really appreciate the chain and even did a lil photoshoot in it. (Swipe Gunplay’s embed.)

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