Tim Cook Gives Robin Roberts The Apple Vision Pro Experience

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stopped by “Good Morning America” to let Robin Roberts experience Apple’s newest toy, the Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro is considered a spatial computer that blends digital content with the physical world.

Your eyes, hands, and voice control the device.

Robin Roberts visited Apple Park in Northern California to experience a first-hand film look at the device.

According to Tim Cook, the Apple Vision Pro can do anything your Mac or iPhone will do and more.

Robin Roberts was blown away by the immersive entertainment experience and the beautiful interactive visuals.

She said the device itself is very lightweight and comfortable.

After Robin used the device, she told Tim Cook she felt like the mind-blown emoji.

Tim Cook then told Robin more about the features of the device.

The real thing of course that it does is enable you to see, hear, and interact with digital content right in your physical space as if it’s there.

That’s spacial computing, and it is a big idea.

You can immerse yourself in movies, tv shows, sports, and feel like you’re right there.

You can take photos and videos and then enjoy those and bring back memories as if you were there.

It’s not about one thing, it’s a platform, and so we can’t wait to unleash it to the developers so they can begin to work on applications for it.

The Apple Vision Pro will cost $3499 and it will be available early next year.

Watch the “GMA” interview with Tim Cook below:

Watch Apple introduce the Apple Vision Pro below:

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