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Greg Mathis Jr. Gets Engaged To Longtime Partner Elliott Cooper

Greg Mathis Jr engaged Elliott Cooper

Judge Mathis took to social media to proudly announce his son, Greg Mathis Jr. got engaged to his longtime partner Elliott Cooper

The beloved TV judge and proud papa shared photos from the engagement and celebration via Instagram with the caption: 

My son @gregmathisjr and his partner @elliott_coopr got engaged last night!

So happy they are able to live their life in happiness. Congrats guys. Love ya much!

See Judge Mathis’ original post below. 

Judge Greg Mathis announces son's Greg Mathis Jr. engagement to Elliott Cooper

Greg Mathis Jr. is an actor, TV personality, and host. 

His fiancé, Elliott Cooper, is a TV personality, senior executive engineer, and an LGBTQ+ advocate. 

The newly engaged couple also shared photos from the proposal and family celebration. 

See the photos below. (Swipe embed for more.)

It was a year ago, that Elliott popped the question on an episode of “Mathis Family Matters” and had the family on the edges of their seats. 

Turns out it was proposing that Greg Jr. move with him to Los Angeles. 

Watch the clip below. 

Congratulations to Greg Mathis Jr. and Elliott Cooper on their engagement.

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