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See our list of 7 great shows, documentaries, and movies to watch this October on Netflix that we think you will enjoy!

Netflix - Lupin Part 3 Key Art

Lupin Season 3 | October 5

Now in hiding, Assane must learn to live far from his wife and son.

With the suffering they endure because of him, Assane can’t stand it any longer and decides to return to Paris to make them a crazy proposal: leave France and start a new life elsewhere.

But the ghosts of the past are never far away, and an unexpected return will turn his plans upside down.

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Fair Play | October 6

When a coveted promotion at a cutthroat financial firm arises, once supportive exchanges between lovers Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) and Luke (Alden Ehrenreich) begin to sour into something more sinister.

As the power dynamics irrevocably shift in their relationship, the couple must face the true price of success and the unnerving limits of ambition.

In her feature debut, writer-director Chloe Domont weaves a taut relationship thriller, staring down the destructive gender dynamics that pit partners against each other in a world that is transforming faster than the rules can keep up.

Also starring Eddie Marsan, Rich Sommer, and Sebastian De Souza, Fair Play unravels the uncomfortable collision of empowerment and ego.

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The Fall of the House of Usher Key Art - Netflix

The Fall Of The House Of Usher | October 12

From Mike Flanagan, the creator of The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass, a wicked horror series based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Ruthless siblings Roderick and Madeline Usher have built Fortunato Pharmaceuticals into an empire of wealth, privilege and power.

But past secrets come to light when the heirs to the Usher dynasty start dying at the hands of a mysterious woman from their youth.

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Tyler Dean Flores as Santi, Jordan Mendoza as Felix and Emma Ferreira as Ness - Neon Netflix

Neon | October 19

From small-town Florida to the bustling beaches and bright lights of Miami, Neon follows three friends as they hustle their way to making it big in the world of reggaeton.

The eight-episode comedy captures not only the three besties’ larger-than-life dreams, but also the harsh realities and funny mishaps of surviving the music industry.

Tyler Dean Flores plays Santi, a rising reggaeton artist who, with the help of his friends Ness (Emma Ferreira), Felix (Jordan Mendoza), and A&R rep Mia (Courtney Taylor), hopes to become the biggest star in reggaeton. Or at least pay his rent.

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Bodies Key Art Netflix

Bodies | October 19

Based on the mind-bending graphic novel by Si Spencer, “Bodies” is a police procedural with a twist.

When a body – the same body – is found on Longharvest Lane in London’s East End in 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053, one detective from each period must investigate.

As connections are drawn across the decades, the detectives soon discover their investigations are linked, and an enigmatic political leader – Elias Mannix (Stephen Graham) – becomes increasingly central.

Did he have a part to play in the murder? Or is something far more sinister at play?

To solve the mystery, our four detectives must somehow collaborate and uncover a conspiracy spanning over 150 years.

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Old Dads Key Art - Netflix - Bill Burr - Bobby Cannavale - Bokeem Woodbine

Old Dads | October 20

Three best friends become fathers later in life and find themselves battling preschool principals, millennial CEOs and anything created after 1987.

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Life On Our Planet Key Art Netflix

Life On Our Planet | October 24

This is the story of life’s epic battle to conquer and survive on planet Earth.

Today there are 20 million species on our planet, yet what we see is just a snapshot in time — 99% of earth’s inhabitants are lost to our deep past.

The story of what happened to these dynasties — their rise and their fall — is truly remarkable.

In partnership with Industrial Light & Magic, the series uses the latest technology and science to bring long-extinct creatures back to life, Life on Our Planet reveals the incredible story of life on our planet.

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Pain Hustlers Key Art Netflix

Pain Hustlers | October 27

Liza Drake (Emily Blunt) is a blue-collar single mom who has just lost her job and is at the end of her rope.

A chance meeting with pharmaceutical sales rep Pete Brenner (Chris Evans) puts her on an upward trajectory economically but dubious path ethically as she becomes entangled in a dangerous racketeering scheme.

Dealing with her increasingly unhinged boss (Andy Garcia), the worsening medical condition of her daughter (Chloe Coleman), and a growing awareness of the devastation the company is causing forces Liza to examine her choices.

Pain Hustlers is a sharp and revealing look at what some people do out of desperation and others do out of greed.

The film is directed by BAFTA award winner David Yates, produced by Lawrence Grey, and also stars Catherine O’Hara, Jay Duplass, and Brian d’Arcy James.

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