Judge Mathis’ Proudly Welcomes Son Amir As Bailiff Of ‘Mathis Court’ 

Mathis Court with Judge Greg Mathis son Amir Mathis bailiff

Welcome Bailiff Amir Mathis

Judge Mathis was beaming with pride when he proudly announced his son, Amir Mathis, would be joining “Mathis Court” as his bailiff. 

The longtime and highly respected TV judge, who has presided over 13,000 cases on his show, took to his Instagram page to share the exciting news. 

The proud father wrote:

Listen up, folks!

“Mathis Court with Judge Mathis” is going to be a genuine Mathis courtroom experience. I’ll be in the judge’s chair, and my son, who’s completed training to become an official Sheriff Reserve Officer, will maintain order in the court.

Get ready for plenty of laughter and create new memories starting Monday, September 11th. Check your local listings so you don’t miss out.

See his original post below.

Congratulations to Amir Mathis (who has his daddy’s whole face) on the new gig! 

Mathis Court with Judge Mathis

I previously reported Judge Greg Mathis‘ new show, “Mathis Court,” found a home at Bryon Allen’s television network, Justice Central.

Warner Bros. announced the cancellation of “Judge Mathis” after 24 seasons in February and the news left fans of the show shocked and outraged.

Mathis, a former judge of Michigan’s 36th District Court, is the longest-running Black male host on television and the second-longest-reigning arbitrator in courtroom TV history, behind “Judge Judy” star Judith Sheindlin.  

I’m sure “Mathis Court with Judge Mathis” will be don’t miss TV!

Do you plan to tune in next week?

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