High School Secretary Vanessa Vigil Faces Felony Charges After Her Constant Flirting With A Student Causing Him To Have A Panic Attack

Vanessa Vigil, an office secretary at Miami Killian Senior High School, was arrested after her constant advances toward a 16-year-old student caused him to have a panic attack.

The Miami-Dade County arrest affidavit states:

Victim stated he felt like he was having a panic attack.

Victim described feeling very nervous and uncomfortable.

According to the arrest report, Vanessa Vigil’s advances included unwanted touching and one incident as the student bent down to pick up something she allegedly began tapping his lower back with her nails and said, “I would of bagged you if I was in high school.”

Police said Vanessa touched the student five times, asked for his phone number, gave him a keychain, and told him she loved him.

In one encounter, she allegedly began to caress his face with both her hands and ran her fingernails over the victim’s cheeks.

The student worked as an office aide so he and Vanessa often shared the same work space.

Vanessa Vigil, 35, now faces five charges of battery and offenses against a student by an authority figure.

According to police, one of the inappropriate touching encounters was caught on video, and other students said they observed some of Vanessa’s inappropriate behavior.

Watch the “WPLG Local 10” news report below.

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