Rapper GloRilla arrested for DUI in Gwinnett County, Georgia (via YouTube)

Memphis rap star GloRilla was arrested in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the chaos.

According to police, the rapper, whose real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods, was spotted making a U-turn at a red light at 4 a.m., so they pulled over. 

The officer who pulled her over said he smelled marijuana and alcohol emanating from the car. 

GloRilla admitted she had been drinking, but wouldn’t reveal how much she consumed. 

She insisted she was good to drive.

So, Gwinnett County Police put her to the test with a field sobriety test, an eye-follow test, a walk-and-turn test, a one-leg balance test, and they had her walk in a straight line. 

Unfortunately, GloRilla didn’t do well on her “alcohol combine” and to add insult to injury, the police said the rapper’s breast slipped out of her clothes during her tests and he had to advise her to tuck her boobage back in.

The “Wanna Be” rapper was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, consuming/possessing an open alcoholic beverage container, and a separate traffic charge. 

Glo was all smiles in her mugshot.

GloRilla (via Gwinnett County Sheriffs Office)

She was booked and released early Tuesday (April 16) morning. 

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