Stephen Jackson had a lot to say about the Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor incident, and majority of his comments were laced with contradictions.


Rachel Nichols is under fire from the public reaction to her, recently exposed, 2020 leaked conversation where she suggested her colleague Maria Taylor, a rising star broadcaster at ESPN, was a diversity hire.

Things appeared to be all good between Nichols and Taylor until ESPN gave Taylor the coverage of the 2020 NBA Finals, a job that Nichols usually has.

The leaked audio has ESPN scrambling to justify why they haven’t held Nichols accountable for her actions.

They are also having trouble trying to keep the peace amongst the employees who support Marie Taylor in her stance not to broadcast with Nichols moving forward.

Stephen Jackson, whose apparently good friends with Rahchel Nichols, felt the need to chime in on the situation.

Watch the video below:

What Jackson doesn’t realize is that he is doing the same thing that Nichols did in her leaked conversation, he is insulting and uplifting the skill set and intelligence of Taylor at the same time and placing her in the diversity hire box.

Scoop the Twitter reaction below:

I’m sure by tonight or tomorrow morning Stephen Jackson will put out something on social media either apologizing for his initial stance on the matter or digging himself a deeper hole trying to validate his point.

Your thoughts?