Stephen Jackson, Gayle King (via Instagram)

Stephen Jackson was hot as fish when he took to social media and blasted Gayle King for her “trash” remarks to Dawn Staley.

Gayle interviewed Dawn earlier this week in celebration of the South Carolina Gamecocks’ incredible undefeated season to become the women’s 2024 NCAA champions.

And in an unexpected turn of events, Gayle King told Dawn, “We were all cheering for Iowa, of course, and Caitlin Clark.” 

Titus Burgess

Watch the clip below. 

Former NBA star Stephen Jackson called Gayle on the carpet for disrespecting Dawn Staley.

You cannot demean Dawn Staley like that,” Stephen said.

You talking to her about winning the championship…about going undefeated and you have the nerve to get on there and say, ‘Well, we were rooting for Caitlin Clark and you broke everybody’s heart.’

Who is we?!? Who is we?!

All the Black people I know was rooting for Dawn Staley.

We’re all fans of Caitlin Clark, but the way you put it…that s— was trash! 

Watch below as Stephen gets a few things off of his chest. 

After Gayle King’s tomfoolery, Beyoncé sent Dawn Staley a beautiful bouquet along with a note that said she and her family watched the tourney and were cheering for the Gamecocks!

This isn’t the first time Gayle King violated.

You may recall that Snoop Dogg, Boosie, and others expressed their outrage at Gayle for asking WNBA legend Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant‘s rape case after his death.

Snoop Dogg later apologized to Gayle.

I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar she isn’t going to get any apologies from Stephen Jackson.

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